Manipulating images causes real problems

In the article they talk about how images manipulated to make anorexic level skinny girls appear healthy has a negative impact on society.  IT causes woman to feel unattractive and gives men an unrealistic expectation for how an attractive girl should look, making average and healthy woman unappealing.  Even the photo manipulator said she felt guilty for helping people believe you can be that thin and look healthy.  Readers never see how horrible and hungry the model looks in person, and how terrible being underweight really is.  The real secret to looking model thin and healthy and brilliant is a computer.


Who are you?

Holy cow. Surprise doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about this. Surprisingly, my first reaction was not that this makeup product is clearly amazing (which was the total point of that commercial) but was “ow.” Can you imagine getting tattooed on and around your eyes or even on your neck? That guy must have an amazing pain tolerance. In any case, the sale’s marketing people of DermaBlend are brilliant. Picking Rico Zombie to be apart of their product promotion most definitely increased their sales. He is a well-known tattoo model and artist, who is covered from head to toe in a full tattoo of a decaying corpse. So using him to promote their Leg and Body Tattoo Primer, clearly results in two thumbs up. It is truly amazing the ability make-up has on transforming people’s looks. With the simplest amount of touch-up one could cover up any scratch, bruise, scar, acne, tattoo, or blemish. Causing you to look like an entirely different person, for better or worse.

Donald Duck Propaganda

I am researching propaganda for the symposium because I find war propaganda, especially World War II, to be very interesting. This video is a cartoon in which Donald Duck is a supporter of Hitler. Almost the entire cartoon Donald is helping the Nazi cause, and demonstrating what it is like to live under Nazi control. It is not until the very end of the episode that we realize that it is a Pro-American propaganda video. I find this particular piece of propaganda interesting because the audience is children. I think this would be a great symposium topic because propaganda, in my opinion, is the most influential form of marketing.

Can Photoshop Really Promote Something Healthy?

I think that by now almost everyone has seen Colgate’s famous ad.  The beautiful models pose with food in their teeth, while the photo itself has been photoshopped to have flaws.  In one photo a male model is missing an ear, while  in another a model has six fingers on her hand instead of five.  All of this to prove that having dirty teeth masks having any other physical flaw that one may have because right away the eye is drawn to the teeth.  Colgate’s move to use photoshop to hinder a photo instead of making it flawless and beautiful as it is typically used, is a good way to promote dental hygiene.  What is it that they want people to walk away with after viewing this ad?  They want people to go out, buy their tooth paste and tooth brush, and brush their teeth.  Very interesting and smart use of photoshop to promote good hygiene.

UN Women Use Google Search to Show Popular Opinion

I went to Google search just to test if these ads were actually using Google auto-complete feature for their ads. Turns out they were. It is both disheartening but positive to see that this technique of advertising is being used for the women’s equality group UN Women. By the search bar results, it shows visually how a large part of American culture is stuck in a womanizer’s world. Going a step further to block the women’s mouths with them has a visual impact, showing how it really does keep women from moving forward. The dark backgrounds help make the women’s eyes and darker features stand out; the eyes emote a serious feeling that matches the situation we’re living in.

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How far is too far?

I get that companies want their ads to be shocking and memorable, but at what point does that begin to be a little too much? I’m sure you’ve seen the overly sexual perfume ads that seem to have nothing to do with perfume, but that’s nothing like an ad with a social message for the sole purpose of getting people talking. I understand that from a marketing perspective an outrageous and possible offensive ad gets a company’s name out there, but what is the purpose of an offensive ad that you cannot even determine what the product is that is it an ad for? So I ask, how far is too far?

Toyota Prius

Humans or Animals


Luxor Hot tubs & Saunas



Other Interpretation of Photo Munipulation

Showing people these gifs I got different interpretations of what was happening

Comments where made how the images are showing the models gaining wait, and they were so sure about it.  Pointing out that the back ground and outfits are the same did not help.   At times It was agreed that it was Photoshop, but for most they claimed it to be weight gain.  Photo manipulating people to make the look “pretty” seems to be having a negative affect outside of the media.  People are being convince that this is how a beautiful person is supposed to look, how they actually look.  So much so that when the see a before image they instantly jump to the conclusion that they gained weight.  The trust images, the believe what they are seeing is fact, that the models really do look like that.  There is too much trust in advertising being truth.   When it is noticed they still fail to recognize how importation it is and how harmful it is, and shrug it off as “Sex sells” .  When in fact advertising that the only way to be deemed pretty is to be light skinned and have a hour glass figure, is one big cause to negative body image.  Photo manipulating the overall shape and appearance of a human is immoral and just wrong, and people may deny it and not realize it, but it does have a negative effect on them in the long run.  This enforcing what “beautiful” is is harmful and needs to stop.  People need to see and recognize how unnatural it is.