Program that spots the manipulated areas

The designers of this program wanted to see just how much photos are being manipulated.  Now in days it is safe to assume every photograph you see in magazines and advertisements have been manipulated in some what, but how much was done to it?  This program takes in to account common tools used.  Each photo graph is compared to the original image and the program rates the final image on how far from reality it really is.  Hopefully programs like this will break the manipulated photo’s power to create illusions.


People dressed in green help with commercial effects

You have seen the flawless and majestic hair flips that woman do in commercial.  On your own, it is difficult to get you hair to move as their’s do.  These people need assistance to allow them to flawlessly move their hair as they do, which is done by people dressed in green assisting them.  This technique is used in other commercials and films as well for other purposes.  In addition to the “invisible people” the slow motion camera also helps in making the hair flips more majestic.

Deluxe Vacation Get-Aways

You may know that when you see advertisements for an vocation spot, they all have similar aspects.  Little amount of people, the people that are there are photogenic.  Which we all should know by now is far from the truth.  Most if not all Vacation resorts advertised are crowded and load.  Most of their advertising photographs are made with models and photo manipulation to make the place appear more appealing to the target audience.


Photo Munipulation app

There a lot of apps that allow one to edit photos which they have taken.  However, this one allows you to swap faces with in the photo.  This can be done by selecting the faces which you wish to replace and the app will switch them.   The app is for apple devices only so far.  For a while now swapping faces or even making everyone have the same face has been a popular and funny manipulation to do.

Another reason Jennifer Lawrence is awesome

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to love Jennifer Lawrence, here’s another one.  Lawrence recently appeared in a Dior ad and openly admitted they were photoshopped.  On national television.  Most celebrity’s don’t like to admit when they’ve been edited and retouched but Lawrence was completely frank about it, saying “I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. Of course it’s Photoshop; people don’t look like that.”

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior PR Image - P 2013

Citizen’s for Free and Fair Elections…..and Photoshop?

A conservative Ohio political group calling itself “Citizen’s for Free and Fair Elections” came under fire earlier this year for an outrageous use of photoshop on voter literature.  The letter states “It is an American’s privilege and right to vote…But only if you are an American and you are registered!” The issue is the photos of the voters on the letter.  There have been several minorities photoshopped out or other faces embossed over them.

Here is the letter.

Colorado Voter Fraud Ad Photoshops Out Minorities

And here is the original

Colorado Voter Fraud Ad Photoshops Out Minorities

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr recently came under fire for posting a photoshopped picture of herself and two other Victoria’s Secret Angels on Instagram.  The model posted the pic congratulating her fellow Angels on a successful show. However, she got it off of the internet and did not realize it was an edited version of the photo.  She quickly took it down and reposted the unedited version, apologizing and stating that she had no idea the photo was edited.

Spot the difference: Miranda was much slimmer in the photo on the left that she posted on Instagram, than the real pic on the right from November 2012

The fact that models have their images edited so regularly they don’t even know when it is happening is sickening. Miranda Kerr is already ridiculously thing, and the fact that someone edited her to look even slimmer is appalling.