Program that spots the manipulated areas

The designers of this program wanted to see just how much photos are being manipulated.  Now in days it is safe to assume every photograph you see in magazines and advertisements have been manipulated in some what, but how much was done to it?  This program takes in to account common tools used.  Each photo graph is compared to the original image and the program rates the final image on how far from reality it really is.  Hopefully programs like this will break the manipulated photo’s power to create illusions.


People dressed in green help with commercial effects

You have seen the flawless and majestic hair flips that woman do in commercial.  On your own, it is difficult to get you hair to move as their’s do.  These people need assistance to allow them to flawlessly move their hair as they do, which is done by people dressed in green assisting them.  This technique is used in other commercials and films as well for other purposes.  In addition to the “invisible people” the slow motion camera also helps in making the hair flips more majestic.

Deluxe Vacation Get-Aways

You may know that when you see advertisements for an vocation spot, they all have similar aspects.  Little amount of people, the people that are there are photogenic.  Which we all should know by now is far from the truth.  Most if not all Vacation resorts advertised are crowded and load.  Most of their advertising photographs are made with models and photo manipulation to make the place appear more appealing to the target audience.


Photo Munipulation app

There a lot of apps that allow one to edit photos which they have taken.  However, this one allows you to swap faces with in the photo.  This can be done by selecting the faces which you wish to replace and the app will switch them.   The app is for apple devices only so far.  For a while now swapping faces or even making everyone have the same face has been a popular and funny manipulation to do.

Holocaust photos have some lies amount the truths

This site shows a few of the faked images to raise awareness of the Holocaust.  The horrors depicted in photos are half truth, but also half lies.  A good portion of the ‘proof’ of murder in the camps were of bodies of people not even in camps, some images whereof people of Europe who died of disease or even US terror attacks.  This is by all means not to say the Holocaust was all fake, but saying there is some lies hidden in the truths.  Like movie, exaggerating things creates a larger reaction over showing things as they are.

Transformation Illusions

Andrew went out of his way to prove a point to people.  Before and After photos that weight loss programs advertise are an illusion.  Fast results are always going to be temporary, long lasting results can take years.  Andrew posed in his own room with a camera set up and in about an hour took Before and After shots of him self.  In the Before image he was unshaven, let his belly hang.  However, right after that image was take he shaved off the hair on his chest and head, changed the lighting to be over head, sucked in his gut and flexed.  Don’t let this get your hopes up, just don’t believe everything you see and don’t expect result in less than a month.

At the end to the article Andrew said “We all spend too much time sucking in our guts, trying to look the way we think society thinks we should. Don’t waste any more energy trying to compete with everyone else.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.”  So don’t beat yourself up by comparing yourself to those ‘better’ than you.

Overly bad photoshop mistakes

Photoshop is a powerful tool.  It can make fake images look real and believable.  Edited images can be so well done that they fool many people into seeing them as a possibility.   However, if overly done, or if not paying attention, an edited image can go horribly wrong.  If people just accepted the model’s body the way it was, then less manipulation errors will occur.  It is funny to see these images, and wonder how they could miss the things they missed.  Although,  you do have to wonder what motivated them to change the image so much that it got distorted in an awkward way.