Another reason Jennifer Lawrence is awesome

As if there weren’t enough reasons already to love Jennifer Lawrence, here’s another one.  Lawrence recently appeared in a Dior ad and openly admitted they were photoshopped.  On national television.  Most celebrity’s don’t like to admit when they’ve been edited and retouched but Lawrence was completely frank about it, saying “I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. Of course it’s Photoshop; people don’t look like that.”

Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior PR Image - P 2013


Citizen’s for Free and Fair Elections…..and Photoshop?

A conservative Ohio political group calling itself “Citizen’s for Free and Fair Elections” came under fire earlier this year for an outrageous use of photoshop on voter literature.  The letter states “It is an American’s privilege and right to vote…But only if you are an American and you are registered!” The issue is the photos of the voters on the letter.  There have been several minorities photoshopped out or other faces embossed over them.

Here is the letter.

Colorado Voter Fraud Ad Photoshops Out Minorities

And here is the original

Colorado Voter Fraud Ad Photoshops Out Minorities

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr recently came under fire for posting a photoshopped picture of herself and two other Victoria’s Secret Angels on Instagram.  The model posted the pic congratulating her fellow Angels on a successful show. However, she got it off of the internet and did not realize it was an edited version of the photo.  She quickly took it down and reposted the unedited version, apologizing and stating that she had no idea the photo was edited.

Spot the difference: Miranda was much slimmer in the photo on the left that she posted on Instagram, than the real pic on the right from November 2012

The fact that models have their images edited so regularly they don’t even know when it is happening is sickening. Miranda Kerr is already ridiculously thing, and the fact that someone edited her to look even slimmer is appalling.

Julia Roberts ad banned in UK, but what has changed?

In 2011 a Julia Roberts ad for Lancome was banned in the UK for excessive use of photoshop by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  While this seems like a big step in the right direction for extinguishing excessive use of photo manipulation in media, I for one feel it hasn’t changed much.  The outcry from the public about this obvious extreme use of photoshop was loud, but ad companies are still using the same tactics.  The US needs something like the UK’s ASA to regulate ads because the phenomenon of photoshopping to the point that you cannot recognize the celebrity is getting old.

Julia Roberts Ad Banned in the UK for Abuse of Photoshop

Lady Gaga Criticizes Her Own Magazine Cover

Lady Gaga was featured on the December issue of Glamour magazine for their Woman of the Year award.  She took the opportunity in accepting the award to voice her concerns about photoshop in the media.  She comment on the fact that her face and hair were obviously retouched and stated  “I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning.”

Lady Gaga covers  Glamour magazine's December 2013 Women of the Year issue.

Dove Photoshop Action

Dove Photoshop Action was a campaign launched by Dove intended to directly target those responsible for our misconceptions about beauty.  This  is one of many ads that Dove has run to try to counter the excessive amount of editing happening in media and fashion ads today.  This specific attack on the media was done in the form of a fake Photoshop ad on intended to enhance the glow of the model’s skin.  However once downloaded and applied the ad on instead reverts the image back to the original.  The intention was to go directly to the source of our misconceptions, editors, art directors and photo retouchers, and try to change their mind about true beauty.